Add admin users to your account

Add admin users to your account

With our new feature you can add additional admin users to your account.

This is helpful if you would like to provide access to the account for your staff members or colleagues.

To add an admin user you will need to go to My Account > Users > Then click on ‘Add Standard Admin User’.

You will need to enter their email address, name and the business name. You can also add address information if you like.

Then click on ‘Enable user’. In the future if you wish to disable the user but do not want to delete them completely you can come back to this settings page and untick the box.

Next you’ll need to set the permissions for the user. 

The permissions available are:
Send Form (so send via email or sms).
Basic Form Manager (where they can view the template and copy the link only, no editing will be allowed).
Advanced Form Manager (which will allow them to edit templates, edit form settings and create or add new form templates). 
Basic Submitted Forms (will allow them to view the submitted forms only).
Manage Submitted Forms (will allow them to download the form as pdf or csv, as well as request changes to forms and delete forms from the account).
You can also give them permissions to manage folders, complete form checks, view file uploads, view private submitted data, view their own pending forms and view other users’ pending forms.

The user will then receive an email with a link to reset their password and they will receive a code that they will need to enter. They can then set their password and log in to their account.

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