How to change a booking

How to change a booking

This video will show you how to change a booking.

You can also change a booking from the confirmation email.

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    • Booking Confirmation Email

      When a booking is made on your calendar both you and your client will receive a confirmation email. The email to the client will include the booking details, as well as the link to the form required for the booking. There are also calendar icons for ...
    • Add booking to your external calendar

      - You can also add your bookings to your external calendar such as Google or Outlook - Click on 'Bookings' - Scroll down - Click on the booking - Click on the calendar icon you want to add the booking to - The booking will automatically be created ...
    • How to change your opening times

      If you need to change your opening times on your calendar then from the dashboard go to ’Bookings’. Click on the yellow ‘Actions’ button, then click ‘Edit Calendar Settings’. From here you can edit your start time, end time and days open. Once you’re ...
    • Learn how to Change or Cancel a Booking

      You can change and cancel your bookings directly from the Beauty Forms portal, or from the booking confirmation email you receive when a client makes a new booking. Watch the video to learn how!
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      This video will show you how to make your first booking on Aesthetics Forms!